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January 2014 SEO Updates

January 2014's SEO update is mixed big of warnings from Google and few updates to their analytics tools. Here are a few of the SEO headlines affiliates should know about. ... Read more

Tips for Dominating SEO in 2014

SEO in 2014 isn't going to look like it did last year, but that shouldn't hold you back. Here are ten tips to help you dominate SEO in 2014. ... Read more

Google Warning to Affiliates With 'Thin Content'

A new Google warning about, "thin content," is aimed squarely at affiliates. So what is, exactly, that makes content thin? ... Read more

Facebook vs. Twitter Advertising: Which One is Better?

Facebook and Twitter advertising offer some real benefits for affiliates, but which one is better? Here's a head-to-head comparison to help you make the right social media advertising decision. ... Read more

Organic vs. Paid Traffic

On one side, there's paid traffic, and on the other, there's free traffic (also known as organic traffic). And the most successful sites on the web have mastered both. ... Read more

Can We Just Stop Talking About These SEO Topics...Please?

SEO is a subject that gets plenty of talk on the Internet, maybe too much talk. Here are a few SEO discussions that just need to die. ... Read more

Site Visitors From Search More Likely to Click on Ads

There's an interesting study done by Chitika - the online advertising and PPC marketing company. What they say is that the visitor coming to your site from search is more likely to click an ad than any other kind of visitor. ... Read more

The Rise of Semantic Search

Semantic search is based on algorithms that not only pay attention to the keywords when a user performs a search, but also try to understand the meaning behind those keywords. ... Read more

2013: The Year in SEO

SEO didn't die in 2013, but it sure took some hits. Here are a few of the highlights from the year in SEO. ... Read more

Cutts Clarifies Duplicate Content Policy

Duplicate content doesn't always have to be a bad thing. That's what Google Web Spam Chief Matt Cutts is saying. ... Read more
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