Grab 1,000 new blog subscribers in 60 days.Do you have what it takes to pull in 1,000 blog subscribers in just a couple of months? According to a new posting on from SEO guru Neil Patel, it’s an accomplishment that’s available to anyone who is willing to put in a little work.

The key to Patel’s method is utilizing the influence of what he calls endorsed. You know who they are, those five to ten heavy hitters in your field. When they’re linking to your sites or giving you a shot at guest blogging, you’ll see subscriber rates go through the roof.

It’s a concept that’s not too far removed from Google’s authority sites and is a few steps removed from posting on social share sites like StumbleUpon, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore those sites all together!

Here’s the basic rundown of the Patel Technique for pulling in all those new subscribers.

Get Their Attention

According to Patel, the way to an A-list blogger is through his, or her, comments forum. Posters who include meaningful, detailed comments are likely to attract plenty of attention from the site’s owner/operators.

To up the ante a little bit, Patel suggests that posters use their URL in the e-mail field, such as “Neil Patel” And in the URL field, posters should include a link to a relevant article on their site.

Becoming a Guest Blogger

Once you’ve established a presence in the forums and comments, it’s time to make a move towards becoming a guest blogger. It won’t be easy and you can expect to run into a fair amount of rejection (but that’s part of the writing game, sadly).

Check out Patel’s original posting for a look at his template for requesting a guest blogger shot. It’s a little bit of self-promotion combined with blatant flattery and looks to be very effective.

Why You Should Guest Blog to Get Linkbacks

The Big Post

Getting a guest blogger spot is a one time shot to wow a new audience with your knowledge of the industry, so go all out and use those top notch SEO skills you’ve developed. Keep the tone conversational, but emit authority at every step. Pack your posting with statistics and don’t be afraid to include a modest amount of self promotion.

Patel recommends paying special attention to your byline on the blog. Don’t just include a link to your home page, create a special landing page that greets your new readers and includes a clear call to action.

You’ll only have this one shot at pulling them into your sphere, so make it good. Spicing up any offer with a free e-book or other giveaway will help seal the deal.

Give it Time

Success isn’t an overnight venture. Expect to have to repeat this process five to ten times over the course of your 60-day journey.

Do you think getting 1,000 new blog subscribers in 60 days is possible? Let know your thoughts in our SEO Forum.


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