As we’ve recently discussed, it takes a bit of creativity to apply local SEO to Internet gambling. And that’s because casino affiliate marketing is a business that’s custom-made for the global market.

There’s a confusing array of online gambling laws and regulations throughout the world. If there’s one thing you can depend on, it’s that every country has a radically different iGaming regulatory scheme, or none at all.

But when it comes to casino affiliate marketing, all of those regulations become opportunities.

Think global, and the sky’s the limit
That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of global online gambling regulatory affairs (which we’re so kind as to cover for you over at the CAP News page). Because if you’re a casino affiliate marketer with a global perspective, each new market that opens up to online gambling licensing and regulations represents a new place to make money.

Global SEO
You should know how to use Google Analytics to find out what country your site is most popular in. That’s basic stuff; if it’s foreign to you, a quick crash course on Google Analytics is in order. Don’t worry, that won’t take long.

When you have that data, you’ll be able to ask yourself this question: How do you increase your traffic in countries that currently aren’t visiting your site?

Simply put, market to them. Create a sub-section or a mini-site that focuses on that country in its keywords. Or even just a page of content for starters, using your country of choice as part of an SEO long-tail keyword.

If you’re interested in getting in on the French online gambling market, for example, then France had better be part of one of your main keywords. If you’re really serious about marketing in France, then it better be in your domain name, too.

After that, the standard SEO and online marketing tactics apply.

Making a plan
Let’s say it again: If you want to play this game globally, the sky’s literally the limit for the ambitious casino affiliate. You can create sites and market to any online gambling market in the world, as long as you stay on top of their regulations (or lack thereof, as in the U.S.). As in any other business, the earlier you get to these markets, the better you’ll do.

To that end, the CAP Listed Programs descriptions let you know what country you can market each program in. And the CAP News page lets you know what’s happening in global iGaming regulatory matters.

Add to that our regular SEO advice here at the CAP Learning Center, and you’ve really got all the tools you need to start taking your casino affiliate marketing plan global.

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