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Casino affiliates aren’t the only programs that can go rogue, the Forex community has their share of scammers, too. Besides the usual non-payment and tough-to-get-hold-of complaints, Marketiva specializes in nickel and dime fees designed to rob affiliates of rightfully earned payments a few dollars at a time.

On Forex forums, posters regularly use terms like cockroaches, low lives, and identity fraud scheme to describe the company. (And those are just the terms we can print!)

It's the affiliates jumping obstacles with this program.

BeWinners (Bwin)

For a major gaming brand, Bwin has earned an absolutely terrible reputation in the gaming affiliate world. Their many offenses are well documented on the very clever site Belosers.com but mostly center around some very one-sided clauses in their terms and conditions. The company reserves the right to retroactively cut revenue payments while forcing affiliate partners to jump through some very complicated hoops in order to get payments.

Bwin is dipping a toe in the US poker market thanks to a new deal with the United Auburn Indian Community in California. It should be interesting to see how their predatory practices play out in a regulated market.

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