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Last year CAP looked at some of the worst rogue affiliate programs in the business but, unfortunately, we only scratched the surface. So let’s take a look at some new offenders in the sequel everyone hoped they wouldn’t ever see, Rogue Affiliates Part 2.


Though their domain name is currently spending some time with the Department of Justice, Bookmaker’s egotistical, unfair behavior, puts them on the list.

Bookmaker first appeared on the CAP radar back in 2010 when longtime poster Antoine mentioned a problem he’d been having with the company.

After coming home from a long trip, he found that Bookmaker had cancelled his account due to a high amount of chargebacks. When he contacted his affiliate manager, he was treated rudely and told that they’d attempted to contact him a number of times.

Bookmaker was actively engaged in the active process of weeding out, what they considered, smaller affiliates. Other posters logged on to tell similar tales of disappearing accounts and worse. Some even received phone calls asking them when they were going to come up with new players.

On top of that, Bookmaker quietly changed their terms and conditions to include some decidedly affiliate unfriendly policies including:

  • A 10 active player minimum to collect revenue. Five whales won’t cut it!
  • Affiliates were banned from using “” for SEO purposes.
  • Bookmaker also reserved the right to change a partner’s pay structure at any time.

Bookmaker felt that their business was too big to bother dealing with little guys and they weren’t afraid to let everyone know it.

They’re out of business in the US for now, but affiliates across the world are urged to avoid them.

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