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Gambling Wages

Gambling Wages is a Costa Rica based operation that didn’t always do right by players and affiliates over the ten plus years its been in operation.

On the player side, they were frequently accused of non-payment and a patented, “let us investigate,” technique of brushing off complaints.

A few years back the company put forth a solid effort to clean house and do right by the players who were shelling out money to play their games and the affiliates who sent them there.

Erasing that kind of reputation isn’t something every executive would be willing to take on but the company found the ideal candidate in Marty Davis, a seasoned industry veteran. “For me it’s simple: Make sure your affiliates are well taken care of, and they will in turn take good care of you,” Davis said.

Four years later, the company is deep in the process of rebuilding good will with the affiliate community and is a long way from its previous incarnation as a customer service nightmare.

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