Real money gambling could be coming to your wrist if a new slot app for the Apple Watch takes off.

Double Luck Nudge a new casino slot app for the Apple watch is looking to carve out new territory in the online gambling industry, on your wrist.

The app is the work of Chicago-based gaming companies LED Gaming and Purple Nudge. These companies worked together to build out a gambling app that combines the feel of real casino gaming with the emerging technology of haptics. (Haptics is all about applying touch to the interactive user experience.)

So Double Luck Nudge is pretty close to bringing that real money gambling experience to a whole new level, but it’s still missing one element, the real money. As is stands today, only a few US States even allow real money gambling and there’s no telling when, if ever, the others will get on board.

By that same token, maybe a little extra time isn’t such a bad thing for budding Apple Watch developers.

According to a recent survey of internet users conducted by, only 5% of North American internet users own a smart watch of any kind; and in Europe it’s only 4%. In the Asian-Pacific rim, the number of smart watch (not necessarily Apple Watch) users jumps up to 12%, but internet gambling is illegal there, too.

None of this is holding back the makes of Double Luck Nudge who say they’ve already built payment systems into their products and are ready to enter the regulated market.

All they need now is for the regulated market to be ready for them.

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