Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal is the new face of PokerStars in Spain. Landing Spain’s top athletic export is a real coup for PokerStars and could give them an early edge in the newly opened Spanish online gambling market.

More Than a Face

As part of his spokesperson duties, Nadal will be participating in online poker tournaments and interacting with fans through social media. There are also several contest and tournaments planned around his poker education on the site.

Poker affiliates should take note that PokerStars is committing some serious advertising and marketing efforts into the Spanish market. Don’t be surprised to see a celebrity endorsement arms race break out as other sites jump into the Spanish fray.

How Much for Nadal?

One question that isn’t answered on the company website, or anywhere else it seems, is exactly how much is Nadal earning on the PokerStar deal? No one is saying, but you can guess it’s in the millions. The young tennis star earned over $25 million in endorsements last year and $8 million in tournament wins.

So while he’ll likely have fun while he’s learning poker on PokerStars, it’s certainly worth his while.

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Athletes Endorsing Gambling

In some parts of the world the mere mention of an athlete can bring waves of serious head shaking from old time league executives. American are used to hearing NFL and NCAA officials go into hysterics about gambling, and that made many of us do a double take when we heard the news.

Nadal’s association won’t impact his career in professional tennis anymore than a Drew Breese endorsement of Caesars Palace would impact the outcome of the Super Bowl.

So we tip our hats to the professional tennis world for their mature attitude towards gaming. Nadal and PokerStars are no more likely to impact the outcome of a tennis match any more than his endorsement of Rolex watches would.

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