Online poker tournaments are one of the most powerful player retention tools in a gaming affiliate’s tool chest. Players love the excitement and affiliates love the opportunity to keep players happy and revenues flowing. There’s a huge variety of tournaments and some high quality affiliate programs promoting them. Here are some of our favorites in both categories.

Satellite Tournaments

Promoting  satellite tournaments is about as easy as it gets. After all, players  not only win  cash from the pots, they can also win buy-ins to the big  league events like the World Series of Poker. Many of these events  offer up a rebuy so players who’ve lost can buy their way back in. It’s a  great deal for affiliates and players alike. (A better deal for winning players of course.)

Sit and Go/Single Table Tournaments

Sit  and Go Tournaments are smaller, informal affairs that normally include  around nine or ten players and aren’t really scheduled. Players sign up  at a table and when all the spots are filled, the play begins. Some  players prefer S’n’G’s because the play is fairly quick and the buy ins  reasonable.

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Multiplayer Tournaments

This  is where the big action takes places. Some multiplayer tournaments include hundreds of players fighting it out at the same time for some pretty significant prize money. Many, but not all multiplayer tournaments are also satellite tournaments feeding into bigger events.

Bounty Tournaments

Bounties are especially appealing for players who are active in the online poker community. In this set up, players get a bonus for taking a designated players. Bounty tournaments create the type of friendly competition that keeps players coming back week in and week out.

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Deep Stack Tournaments

Deep  stack players get a relatively low buy in for a very large amount of  chips. The advantage for players is that these tournaments can go on for  a very long time. Make certain your players know what they’re getting  into because some of these events can stretch on for hours.

Experienced affiliates promote the heck out these events and players  love them. They’re probably not the place for newer players, but getting  their feet wet win in a tournament is a great experience. Besides, you never know when some young buck is going to break out of the masses.

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