california flagA recent California Field Poll looked into voters’ sentiments on online gambling, and the results may—or may not—surprise you. The poll found 53 percent of voters support legalizing and taxing online gambling. With the state’s massive economic debt problems, they feel it would be a great way to bring in new tax revenues. About 41 percent of voters were opposed to the idea.

Demographics and political viewpoints played a major role in voters’ opinions.  Republicans were evenly divided on the issue, while Democratic voters clearly support the legalization of online gambling. Older citizens were the only demographic that showed a clear opposition to regulation. Just over a third of citizens over 65 supported regulating and taxing online gaming.

What Would Regulation Mean For California?

The Golden State’s economy has been falling apart at the seams, and now faces a deficit of over $10 billion and the second highest unemployment rate in the country. Clearly, something needs to be done to help the state regain momentum.

Regulating online gambling may not bring the state’s economy out of its coma, but it can it can certainly help. Regulation could create $1.4 billion in tax revenue and 1,400 new jobs. The same argument has been raised to the federal government for over a year.

Reason for Voter Support

Ironically, voters don’t seem too interested in supporting gambling for its own sake. Less than 20 percent of pollsters have played in a legal gambling establishment. Mark Dicamillo, director of California’s Field Poll, asserts that voters support regulation of online gambling for the economic benefits it provides.

Will This Help Regulation?

This poll may actually help make online gambling legal. Politicians would be wise to take the results of this poll into consideration. They would also be wise to think about the prospect of raising more than a billion dollars in new tax revenues.

What impact do you think this poll will have on the future of online gambling in California? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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