PokerStars recently announced changes to its VIP program as well as its rake formula. These changes are set to go into effect on January 1, 2012.

PokerStars determines VIP status based on VIP Player Points. These points are awarded based on how much rake is taken from a pot. For many years, PokerStars has divided points among all the players who were dealt cards in a given hand. This is known as the “dealt method.”

However, things are about to change in the new year as PokerStars has decided to move to the “weighted contributed method.” With this structure, players will receive VIP Player Points in proportion to the amount contributed to the pot. For example, if a player contributes $10 to a $50 pot, he will receive 20% of the available VIP Player Points from that hand.

This change will affect every player differently. In general, looser players should earn more points while tighter players will take a hit.

While this change is a big deal, it was not the only announcement by PokerStars. There is also a new rake schedule set to be implemented in 2012. Pot-limit and no-limit games will be raked between 4 and 4.5%. At the present time, these games have a rake of $.05 for every $1 in the pot.

Below is a no-limit and pot-limit chart:

Are you a PokerStars Affiliate?

If you promote PokerStars, you should have received an email stating that revenue share affiliates would now earn money based on the new weighted contributed structure effective at the start of the new year.

Although these changes were somewhat expected by those who have played/promoted with PokerStars in the past, many have spoken out in disgust. In fact, there is a large contingency planning a mass sit out.

What are your thoughts? Will this change effect whether or not you promote PokerStars? Discuss this in our gambling affiliate forum.

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