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At the beginning of 2008, over 28 million people were regularly playing all types of poker on Poker Stars. By September, the site reached another new milestone when it hosted 307,016 simultaneous players. That number bested the previous record by a full 100,000. It took 43,800 tables to serve that large a group.

In December, Poker Stars entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the first time by hosting what was billed as, The World’s Largest Online Poker Tournament. With a very affordable $11 buy in, tournament attracted 35,000 players.

Once again, PokerStars went after a record: its own. In late September, 307,016 people logged on to play PokerStars at the exact same time. They filled more than 42,800 tables and destroyed the old record for most players at a poker site by more than 100,000 player

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