An ambitious, and anonymous, group of entrepreneurs is looking to sell the domain for the low, low price of just $20 million (USD). While it may seem like a stretch, there’s a very real chance that the owners of this very valuable piece of internet real estate could get their asking price.

If you’re interested, the deal is being brokered by an outfit Right of the Dot, which is an established domain name broker. In an interview with, Right of the Dot CEO Monte Cahn said that his company has a long list of parties that are interested in acquiring the mother of all gambling domains. Cahn also pointed out the appeal of saying:

Domain gets thousands of unique visitors every month and is probably one of the most valuable domain names in the world and certainly with poker tournaments being televised every day all over the world its the most valuable domain name in the gaming industry by far.

If you’re wondering whether domain names actually sell for sky high prices, be prepared to be surprised. According to a recent report on, the most expensive domain name transactions of all time include:
1. – $35.6m (sold in 2010)
2. – $35m (2007)
3. – $30.1m (2012)
4. – $18m (2009)
5. – $16m (2009)
6. – $11m
7. – $8.5m (2010)
8. – $7.5m (1999)
9. – $7m (2004)
10. $6m (2011)

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that the most recent big name domain transaction took place more than five years ago. That points to the fact that most internet marketers have accepted the fact that internet end-users aren’t quite as liter as they once were. That said, some industry watcher suggest that with the long-awaited opening of the US online gaming market drawing nearer, could indeed be worth at least $20 million.

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