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How To Tailor Your Players' Bonuses

As the online gaming industry matures and more people begin to select from a larger variety of gaming sites, affiliates need to be more promotional savvy on how to reach out, attract, convince and convert prospects to real money players. ... Read more

Betting On The 2012 World Series

Major League Baseball has been one of America’s favorite pastimes and a summer tradition for over 100 years. Americans love to bet a few dollars on their favorite baseball teams and maybe even go watch them at any one of the major US ballparks. ... Read more

Online Blackjack Player Demographics

Blackjack is by far one of the most popular casino games for both land based and online casinos. Historically, blackjack has been mainly a male dominated game in land-based casinos and offered as a leading product for online sports books and casinos. ... Read more

Top Performing VIP Promotions

Shahar Attias, the globally recognized Retention Marketing and Loyalty expert, shares some of his top VIP promotion tips for the CAP audience. ... Read more

Promoting Live Betting to NFL Fans

Live betting is a rapidly growing sports wagering niche that's huge in Europe, but not so big in the US. With NFL football at hand, now is the perfect time to start promoting live betting to your American players. ... Read more

AFL Grand Final Promotion and Content Tips

The AFL Grand Final is Australia's biggest sporting event and the gambling crazy Aussies love betting on it. Here are some tips for turning Grand Finals fans into depositors. ... Read more

Top 10 Best iGaming Promotions

Here's a list of the top 10 promotions running in the affiliate space of online gambling right now. ... Read more

How To Make Money from France's Sports Betting Market

Affiliates who want to capitalize on the growing sports betting market place in France must start now to join respective licensed affiliate programs and develop strategies to attract and convert players. ... Read more

Online Betting Guide for Sportsbook Affiliates

In-depth guide to online sports-betting for affiliates hoping to promote this iGaming niche. ... Read more

What You Need to Know About the WSOP

What can affiliates learn about poker players by understanding more about the World Series of Poker? ... Read more
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