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What You Can Expect from Revenue Share

Affiliates are often shocked by how operators calculate revenue share, even when it's spelled out in the T&C. Avoiding these types of headaches is all about reading the fine print and understanding gross and net revenue. ... Read more

BitCoin Exchange Rates Hit All-Time High

Bitcoin exchange rates have spiked to an all-time high. Is this the time to go big on digital currency or just the makings of a bubble? ... Read more

Developing International Gaming Markets

International and expatriate players are a great source of new revenue and conversions. Here's a few tips for opening new international markets. ... Read more

Poker Players Your Players Look Up To

Poker players are celebrities and a small number of them are genuine superstars. Whether you're using the legends or the young guns, promoting these well regarded players can help increase conversions. ... Read more

Sports Betting Whales: Friend or Foe?

Sports betting whales can bring big revenues when they're losing, but when they're wining they could easily pull down your whole ship. ... Read more

5 Reasons Why Online Gamblers are Excited About Binary Options

The big boom of online gaming has brought lots of competition and regulations that make playing and winning harder than ever. Aside from these hassles, online gaming doesn't offer the returns available with binary options. ... Read more

The 5 Most Popular Gambling Games in Asia

Our list of the five most popular gambling games in Asia tells you which games you can use to reach the Asian market. ... Read more

Getting Your Sites Ready for Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl bettors lay down around $10 billion in wagering action and only about 1% of that passes through Vegas. Here's a few tips for getting your Super Bowl content and social campaigns going. ... Read more

Sports Handicappers: Why They're Good and Bad

Sports handicappers are a great source of content for betting affiliates, but can they be too good? Here's a few things to consider before hiring on a handicapper. ... Read more

Changing Your Offer Without Changing Your Casino

You may have been promoting a casino for awhile now but you need to shake things around a bit and come up with some creative ideas and keep up with the market. ... Read more
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