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Kentucky Derby This Weekend - Are You Ready?

Saturday is Kentucky Derby Day and it's definitely not too late to get in on the all the action. Here's a few last minute tips for promoting the Run for the Roses. ... Read more

20 Do's and Dont's of CTAs

Affiliates have been using calls to action for a long time. There are, however, some practices that despite being popular, don't bring that much value or conversions. ... Read more

Binary Option Signal Services - Can They Make Money?

Binary options signal services offer a great opportunity for affiliates to diversify their revenue stream. The key is to promote high quality signal services that provide your readers with real value. ... Read more

Entering the New Zealand Online Gambling Market

New Zealand is a highly lucrative region for casino affiliates. Learn how to approach the players in the region in order to make the best of this market for your business. ... Read more

How to Use Progressive Jackpots as a Marketing Tool

Progressive jackpots are extremely attractive to online casino players. Understanding how and why they work can teach you how to better utilize them as a marketing tool on your site. ... Read more

How Affiliates Can Profit from Less Popular Casino Games

Casino affiliates often focus on promoting a few online casino games which are known to be popular. Do you know that there is big money in other games too? Stop overlooking them and start making money. ... Read more

Kentucky Derby Promotions and Content Tips

Promoting Kentucky Derby betting to Americans can pay off now and in the future, too. Here's a few tips for converting players during the Run for the Roses. ... Read more

Malware Mines Bitcoins on Skype

Bitcoin mining is the object of a new Skpe-based malware that's spreading rapidly. With Bitcoin prices soaring, this kind of cyber crime isn't too surprising. ... Read more

How To Get More from Your Existing Player Base with NETELLER

NETELLER's affiliate program means partners can earn two times on every player. It's a pretty sweet deal that's enhanced by the opportunity to win an extra thousand for you, and another $1,000 for one of your players. ... Read more

CPL vs. CPA vs Rev Share: Which One is Best?

CPA, Rev Share and CPL are the dominant payment models in the gambling affiliate business and they've each got their own merits. If you're wondering which model is right for your sites, we've got the answers. ... Read more
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