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Guide To Converting Players

The ultimate guide on how to convert players into big-time depositors, including design layout tips, tools to assist you, what your players want and more. ... Read more

Create More Player Conversions in Latin America

Dealing with low Latin American player conversion? These are the tools to help casino affiliates attract Latin American players and convert them to real money players. ... Read more

How To Use Heat Maps For Conversion Tracking

A heat map can show you “hot spots” on each page of your site; i.e. where the most mouse movements occur and which links are commonly clicked. Here are different types of heat maps, how to use them, and three tools that are worthy of checking out. ... Read more

How To Increase Website Traffic From Other Countries

Want to get traffic from other countries? Follow this advice to increase the number of visitors from other countries. ... Read more

Why Casino Affiliates Can't Ignore Customer Service

Contact forms, phone numbers, help desks... there's nothing clients hate more than when they can't find these. Here is why it's important—more often critical—to provide good customer service as an affiliate. ... Read more

What Makes Online Gambling So Attractive?

Anonymity, affordability, convenience, escape. These are just some of the reasons your players gamble online. Learn about the psychological traits that keep them coming back for more. ... Read more

Super Bowl 2012: What It Means for Gaming Affiliates

Gaming affiliates can follow some simple advice to get their share of the Super Bowl season profits. ... Read more

Casino Bonuses: Why Your Players Love Them and You Need Them

Casino bonuses are a great tool to attract new players, this is the information you need to use them effectively. ... Read more

Split Pot And Why Poker Players Love It

The many ways that affiliate marketers can focus on players interested in split pot poker. Learn how to maximize it with these tips and tricks. ... Read more

How To Avoid Getting Shaved

Player shaving is not inevitable, but it's imperative to ensure that the measures you're taking to protect your stats are secure. ... Read more
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