Online social networking site Twitter has launched its first gaming application, TwitterIngo, which is based on the popular game of bingo but uses words instead of numbers.

Developed by Atlanta-based interactive marketing agency Definition 6, TwitterIngo is a desktop widget application that gives players a set of 25 keywords out of a pool developed from tweets posted by those that are being followed.

The new game is currently only played once a week on a Tuesday from three o'clock in the afternoon New York time and winners will not receive any cash. However, the triumphant player does take home an I Won TwitterIngo badge that they can display on Twitter and other sites such as FaceBook.

In addition, Definition 6 revealed that it would soon be displaying a leaderboard listing those players that have contributed most to winning games, which will be available on the TwitterIngo page.

"Definition 6 looks forward to providing all Twitter fans and users with another engaging way to enjoy the micro-blogging site and to interact with their social networking community," read a statement from Definition 6.

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