It’s 2020 and the casinos of Las Vegas Strip are creaking back to life after a brutal three month shutdown due to the worldwide COVID-19 breakout. So it’s also the perfect time to open up a brand new casino on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, right? The owners of the newly approved Circa Casino are going to answer that question one way or the other when they open their doors in late October.

Late last week the Nevada Gaming Control Board approved the Circa for operation making it the first new, from the ground up, Las Vegas casino in 40. It’s an effort that’s required plenty of patience as COVID-19-related restrictions have severely limited the number of construction workers that can be on the premises at one time. For that reason, only the Circa’s first five floors will be opening when the casino launches on October 28.

That said, the Circa has plenty of good things going for it (besides a lucky 777 rooms in its inventory). The new casino is also positioning itself as Nevada’s only all adult casino. In practical terms, that means that you’ll only be ID’d once, when you walk through the door. That’s a nice little market niche to fill and it may prove to be a major factor in the Circa’s potential success.

The Circa is also launching one of the largest sportsbooks in the entire city. It can seat over 1,000 people and boasts 78 million pixel big screen TV.

Will all this unique action be enough to counter the weight of the pandemic? Starting October 28, the owners of the Circa will find out.

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