Have you ever wondered what your Internet reading habits say about your personality? If the ten most read CAP news stories from 2013 are any indication, you like reading about celebrities, Google updates and, regulated online poker in the United States.

Take a look and Happy New Year!

How Real is Runner, Runner? – Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake’s depiction of the online gambling world tanked at the box office, but was huge hit with CAP readers. (We’ll try not to read too much into that.)

Is Facebook Extorting Gambling Companies? – The social media giant doesn’t seem to play fair with igaming sites, especially when it comes to advertising.

Denmark Grant Gambling Licenses – Denmark’s gambling liberalization efforts are a model every EU government should be following, so hopefully that’s who was checking out this piece.

Calvin Ayre Indictment: One Year Later – Everyone in the gambling business is curious about what’s going to happen to their favorite bad boy but, as this article proved, he’s not saying much about his indictment.

Is Google Buying bwin.party? – We swear we didn’t make this story up for link bait, but it sure looks that way. This absolutely delicious rumor never moved past the purely gossip stage.

Niches with the Most Potential in 2013 – A diverse portfolio is a great hedge against market craziness, so we hope you took the advice in this article to heart in 2013. We’ll stand by the advice in this story for 2014 and humbly suggest that casino affiliates check out the great opportunities offered by binary options and FOREX trading.

Penguin 2.0 Rolls Out: Now What? – Matt Cutts promised that the next Penguin update would be, “jolting and jarring,” so we’re not surprised that affiliates clicked on this one like crazy.

Ultimate Poker Open for Business – After years of talk and planning, the launch of the United State’s first legal online poker site was news that everyone wanted to hear about. Ultimate’s opening weekend went pretty well, but there’s still plenty of doubt about whether there’s enough liquidity in the Silver State to support really robust online poker.

Google Panda Update Due This Week – Google updates of any kind strike fear into the hearts of SEOs, and with good reason. The good news here is that most of you have got the message about Panda, and have adjusted accordingly. Like most recent Panda updates, this one impacted less than 2% of English language queries.

Bitcoin Casinos Rake in Big Bucks – Bitcoin is the ultra-hot digital currency that’s either going to change the world, or fade away into obscurity. Based on the incredible revenue they’re taking in over at SatoshiDice and bitZino, we’re guessing that the final verdict will fall somewhere in the middle.

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