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Very scary, indeed!


Bodog is, of course, not really dead. Bodog.com, however, is another domain that’s firmly in the capable hands of the DOJ, where they can no longer harm innocent, American sports bettors.

Launched in 1994 raconteur Calvin Ayers, Bodog is easily the most recognized online sports betting brand in North America. The company long flaunted its not-quite-legal status to US authorities who eagerly indicted Ayre and seized the Bodog.com domain last spring.

We wish the DOJ good luck with their prosecution, because Ayre has a knack of staying several steps ahead of the law. He’d already moved his operations off of the .com domain before the Feds could get to him and is now concentrating his efforts on the booming Asian market.

For many US sports bettors, Bodog.com was their first, and most reliable, online sports book, no matter what the DOJ says.

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