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Not all ghosts are scary.


While not quite as scary sounding as Black Friday, Blue Monday in May of 2011 had its fair share of victims, too, including BetEd.com. On that bright spring day the Maryland Attorney General announced a large scale domain seizure that snared the following sites:

  • BetEd.com
  • Funtimebingo.com
  • 2Betsdi.com
  • Goldenarchcasino.com
  • Truepoker.com
  • Betmaker.com
  • Betgrandesports.com
  • Doylesroom.com
  • Betehorse.com
  • Bookmaker.com

Before falling into the hands of the DOJ, the site actually had a very good reputation and was highly rated on sportsbook review sites. But the good feelings ended there.

In the weeks and months that followed, fingers were pointed, lawyers were called, and players were stiffed. When all was said and done Darren Wright and David Parchomchuk, the designated fall guys, wound up paying some stiff fines but avoided going to prison.

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