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Turning uncertainty into opportunity: Preparing for U.S. market changes, Part 2

There's little doubt: Big changes are coming to the U.S. online gambling market. What can affiliates start doing today to keep our poker affiliate business profitable, and best position it for greater success in the years to come? ... Read more

Playing a new hand: Why poker affiliates should prepare for U.S. market changes

The U.S. online gambling market is moving quickly toward regulation. Here's what affiliates can expect, and how they can start preparing their business plans to be ready for those changes. ... Read more

Moving past Black Friday: What's next for U.S. poker affiliates?

Despite the best efforts of U.S. authorities, there’s still a great deal of opportunity for U.S. poker affiliates. But taking advantage of those opportunities means looking at the market in new ways, and setting yourself up for future growth. ... Read more

What affiliates should do when an operator misses a payment

As a gaming affiliate, how should you react when one of your operators misses a payment? Here are five important factors to consider. ... Read more

Important steps you should take if your operator is at risk

Given the recent U.S. crackdown, are you worried that one or more of the casino operators you currently work with are a potential legal liability? Here are four different ways of dealing with that problem. ... Read more

Ways to legally safeproof your casino affiliate business

How can you legally safeproof your casino affiliate business against increasingly uncertain laws and regulations? As with most businesses, it’s not possible to completely avoid risk. But affiliates should be aware of all potential legal problems arising from the recent U.S. legal situation. ... Read more

Five secrets of successful U.S. casino affiliates

Because of its shifting regulatory status, the United States doesn’t have the robust online gambling market that Europe does. But make no mistake: The U.S. is potentially the most lucrative online gambling market in the world, and the stakes are getting higher. ... Read more

Three secrets about casino programs in South America

The Latin American online gambling market has some unique features. Here are three secrets about online gambling in Latin America that can help propel your international igaming affiliate efforts to new levels of success. ... Read more

Get proactive: Communicate with your affiliate managers

Too often, affiliate marketers ignore one of the most powerful resources available to them: The affiliate managers in charge of the casino brands they promote. Obviously, we’ve all dealt with the affiliate managers for the programs we promote. But how often is that communication reactive, and how often is it proactive? And what’s the difference? Reactive communicationThis is the most typical type of communication between affiliates and affiliate managers. Unfortunately, it involves waiting until there’s a problem — or the ... Read more

Scaling your casino affiliate business globally

As we’ve recently discussed, it takes a bit of creativity to apply local SEO to Internet gambling. And that’s because casino affiliate marketing is a business that’s custom-made for the global market. There’s a confusing array of online gambling laws and regulations throughout the world. If there’s one thing you can depend on, it’s that every country has a radically different iGaming regulatory scheme, or none at all. But when it comes to casino affiliate marketing, all of those regulations ... Read more
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