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Your Best Tips on Managing a Remote Team

Building an affiliate business can be challenging. Going from good to great presents hurdles for the best of us, especially because many of the challenges we face run counter to the reasons we became affiliates in the first place. ... Read more

Promotional Strategies That Work: Live Poker

Technology moves fast on the internet, so your promotional strategies should move fast, too. If you’re not promoting live poker sites, you’re missing out on the next wave of online gambling popularity. ... Read more

Online Gaming in Spain: Profiting, Marketing and Winning Sources

Online gambling is big in Spain, and always has been. But now, the market is set to explode, thanks to a new series of regulations being planned by the Spanish government. ... Read more

Network marketing for gaming affiliates: A guide to second-tier commissions

Network marketing for casino affiliate marketers takes the form of second-tier commissions, or "sub-affiliate marketing". Here’s a quick look at what it is, and how you can get in on the action. ... Read more

Online payment solutions: The good, bad, and ugly

Many online payment solutions are available to gaming affiliates. But how can you tell which ones are trustworthy, and which ones to avoid? Here’s a rough guide to the good, the bad, and the ugly of online payment solutions for affiliates. ... Read more

CAP's guide to casino affiliate marketing in Germany

At the moment, a wide variety of top-tier casino affiliate programs are available in Germany. But the German government is working with EU regulators to potentially change all that. ... Read more

Binary options affiliate marketing: Make money on futures online trading

Online trading in stock futures has become a big attraction for online traders. Binary options affiliate programs offer affiliates a great way to capitalize on this traffic, as well as offering a secondary affiliate marketing income source. ... Read more

Credit card fraud and chargebacks: Staying protected

Credit card fraud is one of the biggest problems associated with chargebacks. Last month, the Casino Affiliate Programs blog provided an intro to chargebacks and what they mean to gaming affiliates. Today, we’ll look at the larger problem of credit card fraud and how it can be avoided. ... Read more

Casino affiliate programs for non-English markets

Because of the recent legal action against the online gambling industry in the United States, it’s important for casino affiliates to think more seriously about developing a plan on how to reach non-English speaking markets. ... Read more

Best alternative markets for U.S. poker affiliates

Gaming affiliates in the United States looking to diversify into new markets have no shortage of options. Here's a quick look at non-U.S. markets that are particularly favorable to casino and poker affiliate marketing. ... Read more
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