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Brands to Know

Affiliates should acquaint themselves with these online lottery programs:

  • Pafpartners – one of the top online casinos for lottery players is Paf. Lottery players want huge jackpots and big, reputable casinos is where they can find them. Paf’s current top lottery jackpot pays out nearly €300,000.
  • Leading lottery messenger service TheLotter runs an affiliate program at MyLotto. Affiliates can receive a 12% standard revenue share deal. The rev share percentage is typically lower in the lotto vertical than in online casinos or poker, but the earnings can easily stack up thanks to the subscription-based model lottery messenger services use.
  • LottoElite handles affiliate operations for two lottery messenger services, CongaLotto and WinTrillions (formerly Trillonario). They offer both CPA and rev share deals for each site.
  • GamingRevenueShare.com offers a 25% rev share for referrals to MegaScratch.com, home of everyone’s favorite smiling gold coin. MegaScratch is an online casino whose customers can purchase scratch off ticket simulations. They guarantee one-third of tickets to be a winner.
  • Four online scratchcard sites run their affiliate programs under the umbrella of Aspire Affiliates. For promoting their brands which include OK Scratchcards and Scratch2Cash, affiliates can receive a 35% standard revenue share deal.
  • Players at Ladbrokes can compete in more than a dozen online lotteries with top prizes reaching £250,000. Score Affiliates handles the popular online casino for lottery players.

Best Markets

Online lotteries are most popular in English-speaking countries, specifically the United States where it is seen as an acceptable part of culture thanks to decades of legal status. Playing the lottery doesn’t carry the same stigma as gambling on casino games.

However, the new trend of states allowing their residents to purchase lottery tickets online does cut into an affiliate’s upside in this jurisdiction. Players will become less reliant on services like TheLotter if they can purchase tickets online through their state’s lottery commission without having to pay a fee. Additionally, iGaming restrictions in the U.S. make areas such as the U.K., Canada and Australia more appealing for lottery affiliate marketers.

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