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Areas of Opportunity for Casino Affiliates in Australia

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest potential areas for casino affiliates to target in the Australian market is sports betting. Australians are fanatical about their love of sports, so targeting any of the following major sporting events could be very lucrative:

  • The Australian Open (tennis, January)
  • The Cricket World Cup (not always held in Australia, but still a big event Down Under; February-April)
  • AFL Grand Final (Aussie Rules Football, October)
  • Melbourne Cup (Horse Racing, November)
  • Rugby Union championships
  • ASL Championships

Internet poker is another major area for growth in the Australian online gambling space.

According to The Age.com, the number of Australians who played online casino games in 2009 was twice the amount in 2004. The majority of this growth comes from internet poker, “with Australian visitors to poker sites increasing by about 20 per cent a year,” the article states.

And although it technically isn’t legal to advertise online poker sites in Australia, the government’s lack of enforcement of the terms of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2011 has allowed this to remain a very lucrative opportunity for casino affiliates.

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