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Potential Legislative Changes in Australia’s Gambling Markets

One of the biggest concerns for any affiliates who are thinking of entering the Australian gambling space is the potential of new laws that could dramatically decrease online gambling participation in this country.

Currently, online gambling in this market is regulated by the Interactive Gambling Act of 2011, which allows fees to be imposed on companies who provide illegal internet gambling opportunities to Australian citizens. This is an important distinction to make with your customers – they aren’t the ones who will be penalized for participating. It’s only the companies that are at risk for sanctions.

And while there are some pieces of proposed legislation to revamp this act and tighten online gambling restrictions (particularly, changes being suggested by Senator Nick Xenophon), there is also widespread recognition of the increased tax revenue and employment that could result from legalizing online gambling entirely.

For more on the political and legal status of online gambling in Australia, take a look at this CAP article:

Australia May Ban Online Betting

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