If you’re an online gaming enthusiast and you live in South Africa, it’s time to either move out of the country or lose your passion for gambling on the Internet.

That’s because the Supreme Court of Appeals in South Africa has made the decision that online gambling is now illegal.

Fighting a Losing Battle

After years of delays, the appeals hearing initiated by the Piggs Peak Online Casino was heard by the Supreme Court of Appeals—and for online gaming enthusiasts throughout the country, this was not a happy day.  Piggs Peak Online Casino, located and licensed outside the South African jurisdiction, challenged South African legislation that prohibited South African residents from gambling at online casinos. After losing every hearing they had previously fought, Piggs Peak continued to appeal the verdict until the case reached the highest court. Although Piggs Peak can be applauded for its valiant efforts, in the end it didn’t matter.

Supreme Court ruled against the casino, stating that until the government finalizes a new set of South African gambling laws—which will include licenses to operate online casinos within the country—online gambling ventures will cease.

As of now, anyone arrested in South Africa for gambling online or playing online games—via Piggs Peak or elsewhere– will face up to ten years in prison and be ordered to pay a R10 million fine. Yikes—they don’t mess around there.

An Amendment in the Works

The good news is that there’s an amendment to South Africa’s gambling law in the works. The National Gambling Amendment Act, which was signed into law in 2008, will allow licenses to be issued to South African online casinos. In the meantime, legalized online gaming in the country is currently at a standstill.


Do you guys think the South African government should spend too much time debating legalizing online gaming or focus on rebuilding its war-shattered country? Let us know your thoughts.



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