czechIf you want to promote online gaming offers to audiences in Czech Republic you should be aware of all the characteristics of the Czech audience. Things like: what the popular brands are, what the legal aspects of gambling are, and more. Therefore, here’s our roundup of the iGaming space in Czech Republic.

Before we can discuss online gaming in Czech Republic we have to briefly mention the traditional gambling world – in the offline.

Czech Republic is actually one of the most gambling-friendly nations in Europe. Various sources report more than 100-150 casinos operating in Czech Republic, and not even mentioning all the slots, and other machines scattered across cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

What this means is simple … people in Czech Republic love to gamble, and more importantly, they’re used to gambling, and they understand the principles behind it.

However, not all games are freely allowed in all places. Poker, for example, is not allowed outside of casinos. In essence, the law in Czech Republic is quite relaxed as the government really enjoys the tax income from gambling.

When it comes to online gambling, for years, foreign companies have taken advantage of the online space in Czech Republic by operating without any regulations. In 2009 the government has started to change this by introducing licenses for local companies who want to operate in the online space.

Among the popular online casinos and brands among the Czech audience we have to mention:

Golden Riviera Online Casino


The affiliate program offers 60% commissions in your first month, and up to even 80% commissions depending on your results.

Cherry Red Casino


Offering affiliates up to 45% revenue share.

Go Wild Casino


The affiliate program offers 50% revenue share.

bet365 Casino


One of the highest rated affiliate programs in the CAP directory. Offering 30% commissions.

Platinum Play Online Casino


The affiliate program offers up to 35% revenue share for all casino, poker, and bingo players.

Some other popular affiliate programs for the Czech market are:

In the end, if you want to join the market in Czech Republic you can surely capitalize on the overall gambling-friendly environment. All promotions, coupons, and specific online casino campaigns should resonate well with Czech audiences, as they don’t need to be taught on what online gambling is.

As always, launching a site in the Czech language is the best approach. Finding someone who can create content in this language in the US might be difficult, but if you life somewhere in Europe yo u should be able to find Czech students willing to work for lower wages.

Do you have any experience in promoting iGaming to the Czech audience? Feel free to share.

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