Many major online casinos have some sort of VIP club for their more loyal members. Totesport are no exception with their exclusive ‘Emerald Club', an invite-only high-reward club that has seen several players reaping the rewards since July 1st.

Members of the club will be given a variety of different bonuses, promotions and offers that go above and beyond the regular casino giveaways – in July, Emerald Clubbers will have a different offer every day.

A membership to the Emerald Club also offers the chance to become an Emerald Club VIP depending on the number of player points you rack up. Again, it is invite-only and there are five levels of VIP – Players' Lounge; Jacks' Lounge; Queens' Lounge; Kings' Lounge and Aces' Lounge.

For the less privileged members Totesport still offers over 100 casino games that you can either download or play in your browser and a 100% deposit bonus up to $100.

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