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Virtual Sports Betting Products Now Available in New Jersey

New Jersey online operators are launching virtual sports betting products that fill the void left by the lack of real sports betting. But will Garden State punters take to virtual soccer? ... Read more

Australian Regulators Taking a Closer Look at Loot Boxes as Gambling

The worldwide controversy over whether video game loot boxes constitute a form of gambling has reached the shores of Australia. Will this be the next big controversy Down Under? ... Read more

UK Gaming Regulators Clamping Down on Online Gambling Operators

UK gaming regulators are getting ready to clamp down on common online gambling industry practices like bonus deposits. A new wave of regulations is clearly on its way in the UK. ... Read more

FanDuel CEO and Co-Founder Moving on to Greener Pastures

FanDuel CEO and co-founder Nigel Eccles is leaving the company and moving on to other projects after eight years with the company. He leaves the company at, potentially, its most profitable moment. ... Read more

Video Gamers Look to ESRB to Regulate Loot Boxes Like Gambling

Video games fans are calling the video game ratings board to start regulating loot boxes in a manner that's similar to regulated gambling. It's the latest example of the crumbling line between video games and gambling. ... Read more

New Jersey Online Gambling Keeps Revenue Records Rolling

New Jersey online gambling operators posted an eight straight month of $20 million plus revenues in a sign that their experiment is working. The good news was, however, all in the casino space. ... Read more

Lottoland Gets the Boot in Australia's Northern Territory

Lottoland is getting the boot in Australia's Northern Territory in a move that's good news for Aussies newspaper vendors. The question now is whether or not other territories will follow NT's lead. ... Read more

New York Examines Options for Regulated Sports Betting

New York lawmakers are looking for ways to introduce legal sports betting into their gaming ecosystem ahead of a Supreme Court ruling. They're one of a growing number of states that are feverishly prepping for legal sports betting. ... Read more

Bridge is Not a Sport (For Tax Purposes, Anyways)

A European Court's recent ruling that bridge is not a sport has major implications for the game's big money players. But will it be a sport someday? ... Read more

Surprise! Trump Administration Backs Sports Betting Ban

The Trump administration is lining up with the NFL and other professional sports leagues to oppose regulated sports betting in the US. This comes as a shock to anyone who thought the former casino owner would be friendly to the gaming industry. ... Read more
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