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DOJ takes new stance on Wire Act and US online gambling

The Department of Justice is reversing its stance on whether or not the Wire Act actually allows for regulated online gambling after all. Expect a major legal battle to ensue. ... Read more

Lottoland launches new product, gets new investigations

Lottoland's new jackpot betting products are under scrutiny from Aussie regulators who think the operator is handing out financial advice. Will this company ever catch a break? ... Read more

New Hampshire looking at UK-style standalone betting shops

Lawmakers in New Hampshire are considering a bill that would allow standalone sports betting retail shops throughout the state. Will New Hampshire start looking like a London suburb now? ... Read more

Washington DC slows its roll towards sports betting

The Washington DC City Council is slowing its, once quite rapid, roll towards regulated sports betting in an effort to be more transparent. Turns out its not a big emergency after all. ... Read more

NBC Sports readies sports betting friendly NBA broadcast

NBC Sports is getting ready to launch a sports betting friendly NBA broadcast featuring in-play wagering stats like you'd find in Australia. Are Americans ready for this kind of thing? ... Read more

Dutch gambling regulators handed out record amount of fines in 2018

Dutch gambling regulators are taking a page out of their UK courterparts' book by issuing more fines to operators than ever before. But do they have the authority to pull off this move? ... Read more

MGM Resorts announces budget cuts and layoffs for 2020

MGM Resorts is doing a bit of housecleaning in an effort to reduce their overall spending by $300 million over the next three years. That housecleaning, however, involves a lot of personnel layoffs. ... Read more

November proves to be a good month for Las Vegas casinos

November 2018 was a stellar month for Las Vegas casinos thanks to the unexpected resurgence of an old money-making favorite, baccarat. Is this high rollers' favorite back for good? ... Read more

Stars Group stays ahead of $870 million payday to Kentucky

Christmas came early for the Stars Group in the form of a Kentucky court ruling that should save them about $800 million in legal fees. Now they're seeing about recovering an additional $100 million from the state. ... Read more

Sportsbet earns title for most complaints about an Aussie TV ad

Aussie TV viewers were somehow extremely shocked by a Sportsbet tv ad depicting a young man engaged in the act of "manscaping". The ad garnered more than 800 complaints. ... Read more
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