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UK Gambling Commission takes 'widespread action' against against online casinos

The UK Gambling Commission hit three online casino operators with some very heavy fines for operating without 'effective safeguards." It's just more bad news for UK-facing operators. ... Read more

Sharp action is the hallmark of underwhelming West Virginia sports betting

West Virginia's foray into legal sports betting has been marked by plenty of sharp plays from the betting public. That's also made for some underwhelming tax revenues. ... Read more

UK gambling operators spend most of their marketing budgets online

Most of the money UK gambling operators spend on marketing goes online, not on television advertising as is popularly imagined. But that fact isn't enough to convince anti-gambling types to back off. ... Read more

Voided Online Casino Win Prompts Lawsuit Against Operator

A UK man is taking an online casino operator to court to win back a £1.7 million jackpot that was voided over a "computer glitch". He says that's no excuse. ... Read more

UK gambling operators discuss voluntary advertising limits

A group of power UK gambling operators are seriously considering imposing some serious limits on how much advertising they run. These curbs are meant to stay ahead of forced bans by the government. ... Read more

Congressman looks to DOJ to throw wrench in sports betting momentum

A Congressman from Wisconsin is asking the Department of Justice to put the regulated sports betting genie back in the bottle. Are his pleas too-little-too-late? ... Read more

CG Technology catches $2 million fine from Nevada Gaming Commission

CG Technology will be paying out a $2 million fine to the Nevada Gaming Commission for a variety of sloppy regulatory errors. This is not the company's first run in with the Commission. ... Read more

UK FOBT stake cute set for April 2019

UK lawmakers have flipped directions and are now on board with an FOBT stakes cut to be implemented as soon as April, 2019. This could have a huge impact on gaming revenue. ... Read more

New report supports Irish digital lottery operators

A new report from the University College Dublin suggests that a digital lottery is not a "meaningful threat" to national lotteries. Will this buy digital lottery operators some breathing room? ... Read more

Betr Coin CEO facing charges for cryptocurrency fraud

Betr Coin CEO Adriaan Brink is on the brink of some serious legal problems surrounding alleged fraud in the world of cryptocurrency. His story is a cautionary tale for cryptocurrency investors. ... Read more
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