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Will Greece Keep its Online Gambling Tax at 35 Percent?

A new government report is suggesting that Greece keep its online gambling tax at the sky-high rate of 35 percent. The report also recommended dropping a cap on gaming licenses. ... Read more

Coming Soon to Japan: Online Lottery Ticket Sales

Starting in October, Japanese citizens will be able to buy lottery tickets online in a move that could boost lottery revenue in a big way. Could this save lagging ticket sales? ... Read more

$530 Million Bitcoin Heist Leaves Investors Holding the Bag

Hackers hit Coincheck, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, for $530 million in the biggest bitcoin heist to date. Site officials say they'll pay back some of the lost loot. ... Read more

UK Gambling Regulators Ready to Drop the Hammer on Ad Code Violators

The UK Gambling Commission is delivering on its promise to crack down on operators who violate its ad code with hefty fines. The hefty new proposed fines should make casinos think twice before airing ads. ... Read more

Duterte Picks Notorious Gambler to Combat Illegal Gambling

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has picked Atong Ang, a well known gambler to help combat illegal gambling in the country. It sounds like a case of, "it takes a thief to catch a thief." ... Read more

Former FanDuel CEO Joins eSports Streaming Startup

Former FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles is leaving the world of daily fantasy sports to pursue an esports streaming startup called Flick. Eccles' departure from FanDuel came as a big surprise to industry watchers. ... Read more

UK Horse Racing Industry Says 'Whoa' to Proposed FOBT Minimums

The UK horse betting industry is hoping to put a stop to efforts by gaming regulators to put a £2 maximum on FOBTs. ... Read more

WinView Creates New Niche in US Sports Betting Market

WinView is carving out a new niche in the US sports betting market by offering real-time prediction contests at no charge, for now anyways. Could this be the next big thing? ... Read more

Delaware Online Gambling Revenue Sinking Like a Stone

Delaware's online gambling revenue had a less than impressive showing in 2017 with tanking numbers in all categories. Is the Delaware market simply too small to survive on its own? ... Read more

Is Nick Xenophon Chilling Out When it Comes to Gambling?

Nick Xenophon has long been gambling's biggest enemy in Australia, but is the old fighter softening his stance as he gets older? Or does he just feel like he's done enough damage? ... Read more
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