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Sportsbet earns title for most complaints about an Aussie TV ad

Aussie TV viewers were somehow extremely shocked by a Sportsbet tv ad depicting a young man engaged in the act of "manscaping". The ad garnered more than 800 complaints. ... Read more

College sports gets ready to (quietly) cash in on sports betting

The NCAA is quietly trying to figure out how it can best cash in on regulated sports betting, after decades of complaining about it. If you can't beat 'em, you can always join 'em. ... Read more

Lame duck US Congress attempting to hobble US sports betting market

The outgoing US Congress is attempting to gut the US sports betting market and hand over piles of cash to the professional sports leagues. Never underestimate the utter pettiness of aggrieved politicians. ... Read more

UK punters on board with live sports betting ad ban

UK punters, it seems, are ready to say goodbye to those long in-game advertisements for live sports betting. It's more bad news for UK-facing operators. ... Read more

Kentucky looks to legalized sports betting as pension band-aid

The State of Kentucky is looking at instituting regulated sports betting to help cover a multi-billion gap in its pension funding system. Is that too big a haul for gaming? ... Read more

Washington D.C. approves regulated sports betting

The Washington D.C. City Council approved a measure that sets up a framework for regulated sports betting within the city limits. It's a move that now required the approval of the US Senate. ... Read more

Survey says: Americans will watch the games they're gambling on

A new survey suggests that 70 percent of Americans are more likely to watch a game when if they're gambling on its outcome. That's great news for pro sports leagues and the casinos they loathe. ... Read more

Draft Senate bill takes gambling decisions away from US States

A proposed bill circulating through the US Senate would take the power to implement some kinds of gambling entirely out of the states' hands. ... Read more

The Trade War's forgotten front: Macau casinos

The trade war between the US and China has been having an over-sized impact on the glamorous casinos on the island of Macau. But relief could be on the way. ... Read more

Sweden issues 15 new online gambling licenses

The Swedish government is putting its seal of approval on online gambling licenses for 16international operators to serve the local market. Reports suggest that more license approvals are on the way. ... Read more
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