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States Look to Online Lotteries to Boost Revenues

A number of states are looking to online lotteries to increase revenues. ... Read more

Poker Player’s Alliance Reaches Petition Goal

The Poker Player’s Alliance reached its goal of 5,000 signatures in only three days, but are still asking for more. ... Read more

Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Online Gambling Industry?

September has been an eventful month filled with Ponzi schemes, major profit losses, and new government initiatives. Have you stayed in the know about the latest online gambling news throughout the month? Take the quiz to test your knowledge! ... Read more

Possible Buyer for Full Tilt Poker

A potential investor may be the answer to rescue Full Tilt Poker from its woes and ease player’s’ concerns about getting their money back. ... Read more

Poll Shows Californians Support Taxed Online Gambling

A new poll shows California voters strongly support regulating online poker, but will politicians listen? ... Read more

Revenues Plunge for Some Online Poker Sites

In the aftermath of Black Friday, many online poker sites like Bwin have seen their revenues plunge, while others like Full Tilt Poker could be on the brink of extinction. Read on to learn who the biggest victims are. ... Read more

Mobile Gambling Now Allowed in Vegas Hotel Rooms

The Nevada Gaming Commission just came up with a new amendment to extend areas where gamers can gamble with mobile devices. ... Read more

Rafe Furst New Target of Full Tilt Investigation

As the Full Tilt Poker case moves charges forward, the Department Of Justice has chargesd player and FTP board of director Rafe Furst with fraud. Does the DOJ have enough evidence to put him behind bars? ... Read more

Can AGA’s Code of Conduct Save Online Poker?

The American Gaming Association sets forth a code of conduct to make legal online poker a safe place for players and gambling companies, but whether it can actually make a dent in the system remains to be determined. ... Read more

US Attorneys Call Full Tilt Poker a Ponzi Scheme

Full Tilt Poker was indicted back in April, and now, nearly six months later, U.S. attorneys are cracking down on the company harder than ever, going so far as to call it a Ponzi scheme. ... Read more
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