Leading online casino InterCasino.com has announced the launch of a special promotion this month that will give away a total of £100,000 in free cash to some 6,000 players.

The site's new £100,000 Giveaway promotion will see cash prizes of between ten pounds and £1,000 awarded every 30 seconds, which means that up to 200 players per day could walk away richer.

InterCasino.com revealed that the promotion comes with ‘no strings attached' and every player that takes part in one of its casino games is eligible to win. Competitors will be able to withdraw the free bonuses at any time or use them to participate on any of the 300 games on offer.

"Everyone who plays at InterCasino.com or InterPoker.com in October is in with a chance to get free cash," said Alexandra Gal, Vice-President Of Marketing for InterCasino.com.

"In fact, we are giving away so much money to so many players that over half of our players should receive a prize."

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