User generated content has been a rapidly growing force in Internet marketing since the Web 2.0 era began right around 2004. Sine then, user generated content sites like YouTube, Facebook and a host of others have dominated the digital landscape.

In the casino affiliate world, a few sites like have embraced the concept (with some pretty impressive results) but most smaller sites haven’t really jumped on the user generated content.

That’s too bad because, as Apu Gupta recently wrote in a blog posting titled, Three Reasons Why User Generated Content Will Be Hot in 2014, UGC offers some serious benefits. Here are few reasons why casino affiliates should be jumping on the user generated content bandwagon.

What is User Generated Content

Before we get too far along, it’s worth coming up with a clear, consistent definition of user generated content. For starters, UGC includes a lot more than just a guest written blog post or e-book.

Gupta includes all types of social shares including, but not limited to, re-Tweets; Facebook likes; and pretty much any kind of online content exchange. This means you won’t be limited to begging your players for 250-500 word submissions all the time.

If you’re in the business of making social-friendly content that’s easily shareable, your readers/players will pick up the ball and make it their own.

It’s All About Loyalty

Players who embrace user generated content, of all kinds, are the kind that are going to stick with you for the long haul.

If you’re giving players the opportunity to get involved with your site and make it their own, they’ll continue playing at the casinos and sportsbooks you recommend. Even better, these kinds of interactions turn your sites into a destination with some personality, rather than just another gambling site.

The Creativity Factor

Social media is major driving force behind the user generated content boom and it’s really drawn out the creative side of internet users across the globe.That’s great news for content starved web publishers.

For casino affiliates, a good example of user generated content in motion could be simply asking players to post up screenshots of winning poker hands or slots wins on Instagram. Once they’re up, the affiliate could follow up with a story called, Top Winners from!.

User Generated Conversions

There’s no question that user generated content is something of a gateway drug and that’s great for your over conversion rate.

Slipping insales pitches into user generated content isn’t all that tough, and the results can be impressive. (Though we definitely suggest keeping those pitches on the subtle side.)


User generated content is a great way for casino affiliates to get more engaged with their players while beefing up their social media presence. And if you get a few extra conversions along the way? Well that’s all the better.

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