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Where To Use Your Videos?

In a word…everywhere:

  1. Start by publishing your videos on multiple platforms for more exposure.
  2. Then embed them everywhere where it makes sense (within your sites).
  3. Next, you can organize them into playlists and deliver them again.
  4. Send them to your email list along with some extra content.
  5. Drive paid advertising directly to your videos or to the embeds on your sites.
  6. Ask your followers to share those videos with their followers or on their sites.

Dangers To Be Aware Of

By far, the two biggest dangers are: (1) FTC and (2) copyrights and trademarks.

In essence, be careful not to produce a message that is not compliant with the FTC’s rules and guidelines. At the same time, don’t use any copyrighted images or background music. If your videos become popular, people will come knocking and looking for questionable content.

What’s your take on using video in affiliate marketing?

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