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What Form Of Video To Choose?

Based on your specific audience, some of the following types may work better than others:

  • “Talking Head” videos – featuring just one person talking about a given topic.
  • Interaction videos – a talk between two people (common in interviews).
  • PowerPoint videos – it’s where you create a presentation and then do a voice-over.
  • Animated videos – you can get an example at Affilorama’s channel.
  • Screencasts – good for how-to product videos.

How To Construct The Video?

First of all, you have to remember about doing keyword research before you pick a topic. To some point, videos are very similar to websites. If there’s no audience for your keyword then…well, there’s no audience.

Next, include those keywords in your titles, tags and descriptions. This is the must-do.

The structure of every video is kind of similar, regardless of the type of the video you’re creating:

  1. Introduce the problem and introduce yourself.
  2. Present a solution.
  3. Show how to use this solution.
  4. Show where and how to get it.
  5. Give a call to action.

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