New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone is getting ready to introduce a bill that would massively reshape the nature of US gambling laws. Pallone’s proposed measure would do everything from legalize sports betting to undoing PAPSA.

The big question now is whether or not he’s got the political juice to push his bill through America’s most dysfunctional law-making body?

Pallone’s big plan is starting out with a comprehensive review of US gambling law by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, on which the NJ Congressman sits. It’s Pallone’s hope that the review will lead to significant reforms to a body of law he describes as, “obsolete.”

In a statement to, Pallone outlined why a review of existing US gambling law so important saying:

The laws need a wholesale review to see how they can actually work together and create a fairer playing field for all types of gambling, both online and offline, including sports betting and daily fantasy sports. At the same time, we must ensure the laws are actually creating an environment of integrity and accountability, and include strong consumer protections.

While America’s legion of clandestine sports bettors see hope in Pallone’s efforts there’s one group that isn’t quite as excited, the daily fantasy sports industry. Pallone has targeted DFS operators in past statements and is very clear in his belief that DFS is the same thing as sports betting. It seems clear that this group can expect special scrutiny from any of the Committee’s activities.

Pallone’s dreams of improved US gambling law look great on paper, but they may be stymied by the shadow of Congressional deadlock. Unless the Democrats pick up a large number of Congressional seats in the upcoming election, Pallone’s efforts will likely whither up and die.

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