Being new to affiliate marketing can be challenging. Knowing what to do can be as important as knowing what not to do. Here’s a guide of what not to do, starting with a look at “SEO software,” which really doesn’t exist.

Why there’s no such thing as SEO software
Beginners to online marketing often search for “SEO software”, hoping, no doubt, to discover a easy, one-stop software solution that will provide all needed search marketing solutions.

That’s understandable enough. Even veteran marketers even sometimes wish there was such a thing as SEO software, a program or a plug-in you could install on your affiliate marketing site for instant SEO benefits.

The reality is, there’s no such thing as SEO software. Don’t believe us? Search for SEO software. Now check out the top results you find. Most services advertising themselves as SEO software are really website management tools or link-building tools — not such a bad thing, but they don’t offer the complete variety of services you need to really optimized your website for the search engines.

Here are the three biggest reasons why there’s no such thing as SEO software:

1. SEO is a manual process. Most specifically, we’re talking about link building here. The blog continually stresses the importance of manual link building, and Google’s famous Panda updates have hammered this lesson home: Link farms, or services that provide a bulk purchase of links, no longer provide as much SEO power as they used to, and can actually hurt your SEO efforts.

2. SEO depends on quality content just as much as link building. The services you find by searching for SEO software are primarily link-building services. And, to this extent, they may work. But they’re not going to provide you with the other half of the equation: Quality, unique, fresh content. That’s not something you can get from software, period — and if you think you can achieve high search engine rankings without it, you may be in for a rude awakening.

3. SEO requires the kind of networking you can’t automate. More and more, social media is playing a bigger role in search engine optimization (as we recently illustrated with a webinar devoted to the topic — check it out here). Networking on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media sites relevant to your niche has become a crucial element in SEO, and, again, that’s something that so-called SEO software just can’t provide.

Questions? Comments?
Have you been burned by promises of SEO software in the past? Or have you stumbled across an SEO software service that may actually work? If so, sound off and let us know your experiences in the comments.

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