Nevada is greatly expanding the range of its parimutuel wagering system thanks to a new law that allows more esports wagers and even some action on awards shows.

Under the terms of Senate Bill 240, which Governor Brian Sandoval (R) signed into law over weekend, the Silver State’s parimutuel betting system is now open to wagering on other events. This not only paves the way for more wagering on up-and-coming sports events like eSports, it also opens the door for world of new, legal proposition bets.

In the formal language of gaming regulation, the bill sets up a licensing scheme that allows for the creation of an Off-Track Pari-Mutuel Wagering Committee to help oversee the new wagers. It also sets forth a three percent tax on monies wagered via the parimutuel system.

What’s really interesting about Nevada Senate Bill 240 is that it formalizes a lot of practices that have been going on for several years anyways. After all, Vegas casinos have been courting the esports crowd for quite some time now and esports wagering is not uncommon on the Vegas Strip.

Of course esports are one thing, awards show betting is a different animal entirely.

Vegas bookmakers have long steered clear of awards show wagering because, oftentimes, awards shows are recorded in advance and don’t always air live. In Nevada, there has long been a prohibition on awards show, and reality show, wagering because the outcome of the event has already been determined.

Under the new law, sportsbooks will be able to post proposition bets for awards shows, but no wagering on the actual categories.

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