The┬áNevada Gaming Policy Committee has some really great news for anyone looking to cash in on e-sports betting. After a thorough review, the committee found ┬áthat there’s nothing in the current regulations preventing bookmakers from taking action in the up-and-coming gaming market.

The Committee, which includes 12 pretty heavy Nevada political players, met recently to discuss e-sports and their place in regulated gambling market, according to a recent report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

After discussing the regulatory status of e-sports betting, the Committee could not find anything in the current regulations that prevented e-sports betting from slipping in alongside football. Now that doesn’t mean that the Committee, which includes Nevada Gaming Commissioner A.G. Burnett and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, is saying that e-sports don’t necessarily need additional regulations.

E-sports fans can expect the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee to, at some point within the next six months, to issue a set of recommendations regarding e-sports betting regulations.

Las Vegas sportsbooks and casinos are starting to embrace e-sports, but it more like what you might call a slow embrace. There are currently no Vegas sportsbooks offering e-sports wagering, but the writing is definitely on the wall.

Over at the Downtown Grand, e-sports enthusiasts can hang out a dedicated e-sports lounge to watch and participate in e-sports events. The lounge even includes a menu of foods that are easy to consume while playing a video game.

A representative for the Station Casino chain told the Review that his company was examining the possibility of e-sports wagering, but planned on moving slowly and deliberately.

All told, it appears as though e-sports wagering has a bright future in the Silver State.

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