Network marketing (also known as multi-level marketing) is a popular way to make money in standard marketing and sales circles. But it also applies to casino affiliate marketing, albeit in a slightly different form.

Network marketing generally means earning commissions not only for a sale (or referral), but also for all subsequent sales and referrals that come from it. Because this structure looks like a pyramid, network marketing often gets condemned as a pyramid scheme.

And in some cases, it may be that. But for casino affiliates, it’s a slightly different beast, where network marketing takes the form of second-tier commissions — a very legitimate and smart way to earn extra money.

What are second-tier commissions? Also called sub-affiliate marketing, second-tier commissions represent the payout you get when you sign up other affiliates to a program you currently promote. It could be a player you’ve referred who’s turned into an affiliate, or B2B marketing you do on your own website in favor of a particular program.

The purpose of second-tier commissions
After all, if gaming brands are happy to pay you for the conversions you directly send their way, they’re generally just as happy to pay you for signing up other affiliates to the program — essentially, it’s a way for them to get even more traffic and player sign-ups.

Of course, the commission for those second-tier (or third-tier, or tenth-tier) referrals aren’t going to be as big as your original revenue share, which in casino affiliate marketing ranges from 20 to 50 percent. For second-tier, it’s more like 2 to 8 percent. But if you’re an affiliate dealing in large volume, or if you have a particularly good relationship with a certain affiliate partner, that can still add up in a hurry.

Here’s a guide to some major casino affiliate programs offering affiliates the opportunity to earn second-tier commissions:

Brightshare. Microgaming-powered Brightshare has a strong mobile presence and great reviews from other affiliates on CAP.

Commission: 40% standard revshare, 2% second-tier commission

Most Popular Brands: All Slots Casino (and mobile casino), All Jackpots, Wild Jack Casino (and mobile casino)

Markets: Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain

Mainstreet Affiliates. A U.S.-facing casino affiliate program powered by Playtech.

Commission: 40% standard revshare, 5% second-tier commission

Most Popular Brands: Slots Plus, Sun Palace Casino, Las Vegas USA Casino, Vegas Casino Online

Markets: U.S., UK, Canada

ReferBack. One of the most highly reviewed operators on, Referback is perhaps the best choice for affiliates new to second-tier commissions to try it on for size.

Commission: 40% standard revshare, as much as 8% second-tier commission

Most Popular Brands: JackpotCity (JackpotCity mobile) River Belle Online Casino, King Neptune’s Online Casino, Lucky Nugget Online Casino

Markets: Germany, Canada, UK, The Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Spain, Norway, Turkey, Sweden

Questions? Comments?
Do you get extra revenue from second-tier commissions? Do you think it’s a legitimate form of network marketing, or is that a negative label that should be avoided? Let us know your thoughts — as always, we love to hear ‘em.

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