The world’s largest online gaming software provider is adding a new Multi-Player Roulette game to its Live Dealer product — the fifth entry in the Live Dealer catalogue.

The aim of Live Dealer is to more closely the experience and atmosphere of land-based casino at their home; multi-player games add to that appeal. The new Multi-Player Roulette game lets up to seven players compete at once per table. A “table action” feature even lets players see where other players are placing their bets. Players are identified by the color of their chips on the table.

“Microgaming’s Live Dealer Roulette product utilises casino grade technology for precision readings, eliminating human error and providing the most accurate and enjoyable real-time gaming experience,” the news release states.

“The crisp, clear interface streams High Definition content direct from Microgaming’s state of the art studio, allowing players to interact with casino personnel in real-time and offering them trust and transparency.”

Multi-Player Roulette joins standard Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat and Multi-Player Baccarat in the Live Dealer suite. Microgaming publicists claim strict adherence to gaming codes and fairness guidelines.

“The new game is a great addition to Microgaming’s Live Dealer package. Multi-Player Baccarat has proved hugely popular with our players, who enjoy the real feel of the casino experience and we’re confident Multi-Player Roulette will prove equally popular,” said David Brickman of Jackpot Factory.

Microgaming powers a huge number of popular online casinos, including those of many CAP Listed affiliate programs like Referback and Fortune Affiliates.

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