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Know Your Enemies

Keeping track of names and faces is tough in any business, but it’s especially tough when you do most of your business communications over the Web. Still, an ability to at least remember names can save you the embarrassing situation TopBoss and her husband endured a few years back:

…my husband who is a partner in the business with me, and he has a terrible habit of mixing up Affiliate Programs or the names of Affiliate Managers – i.e He will think Renee belongs to Star Partner and Silke belongs to Rewards Affiliates…years ago we had a meeting with Casino Share / Play Share and at the time the whole Grand Prive debacle was going on and when my hubby and me sat down and started the meeting with him – I noticed that he was being extremely rude to the CEO of Play Share and I couldn’t understand why, and was getting extremely embarrassed.

I eventually suggested we take a smoke break and pulled him aside and asked him why he was being so rude. Of course it turned out that he thought they were from Grand Prive!!

When I pointed out his mistake he was very red faced when we went back into the meeting and was as nice as pie to them.

They must have thought he was a lunatic.

Nice recovery, though!

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