If you followed web marketing and technology news over the last year, you know that the mobile revolution is upon us.

Across the world, consumers are increasingly reliant on their mobile devices; manufacturers are developing more advanced smart phones and tablets; and marketers are figuring out how to reach those end-users with increasingly sophisticated mobile advertising techniques.

If 2013 was the year to figure out how mobile marketing works, 2014 is the year to execute that knowledge.

Here are a few predictions of what mobile trends will be shaping our business and personal lives in the year ahead.

More, More, More

Smart phone penetration rates are going through the roof in every corner of world. According to a recent report from Business Insider, 1 out of every 5 people on the planet currently own a smart phone and 1 in 17 own a tablet. Some industry reports are even suggesting that 60% of the population will be in on the mobile revolution by 2019.

Like it or not, the move to mobile will not be slowing down anytime soon.

Increased Expectations

With more and more end-users relying on their mobile devices for everyday web surfing, every web publishers should be familiarizing themselves with mobile optimization techniques.

This mobile mass won’t be returning to sites that haven’t been optimized for mobile, so the time to get optimized is now. (There are plenty of WordPress plug-ins that can do the heavy lifting for you.)

e-Mail Goes (Even More) Mobile

Did you know that nearly half of all e-mails are opened on mobile devices? Drill down to Gmail and Yahoo! and you’ll find that 68% of their opens come from smart phones and tablets.

If you’re looking to capitalize on these eye-popping numbers next year, make certain your e-mail newsletters are mobile-friendly or, at the very least, offer a text-only version of them and recommend that version for mobile device users.

New Mobile Ad Formats

Over at MarketingProfs.com, Gregory Kennedy points out that falling production costs and beefier mobile processors have made conditions right for a mobile advertising Renaissance.

This means you can expect to see a lot more news mobile ad formats, and most of those will focus on short videos. (As an added bonus, these video mobile ads can be re-purposed from existing video and advertisements.)

More Mobile Focused Social Ads

Social media and mobile devices are BFFs (best friends 4eva!) in a most serious way. For example, fully 90% of all Twitter activity comes from the mobile space. With Twitter, and other social sites, constantly looking for stock-boosting revenue streams, 2014 should see a lot more advertising opportunities on Twitter, especially through third-party clients.


Jumping in on these mobile trends isn’t all that tough and, in most cases, the technical learning curve isn’t all that steep. And with so much revenue and traffic on the line, you’ll definitely want to get in on the action.

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