What’s the next big trend in paid search advertising? According to a recent article on SearchEngineLand.com, mobile devices are shaping the future of paid search more than any other, single factor. And that future is increasingly complex.

A big part of understanding how to target mobile users is understanding mobile use behavior patterns, said the panel of paid search experts.

For example, one panel member points out that tablet users are more likely to be using their tablets during leisure time than desktop users. That behavior has a big impact on how they shape their search queries.

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Focus on Customers

So how can webmasters navigate this new, mobile maze?

The solution is getting to know your own customers and understanding what devices they’re using and when they’re using them. In some ways, said one of the panel members, it means going back to traditional market research techniques that some web marketers have long abandoned.

Understanding Mobile

Mobile search is growing at a rapid rate and, like social media, is a force that can’t be avoided. The payoff is finding yourself ahead of the curve on one of the biggest web trends in recent memory.

How are you incorporating mobile devices into your paid search and SEO strategies? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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