The mobile market has exploded over the past year in just about every industry you can imagine. From advanced mobile payment systems that make gliding through checkout lines a breeze to social casino apps, mobile is everywhere you look.

There’s no question that mobile is on the march, the real question is, “Where’s it heading?” If you’re going to be riding the mobile wave in 2015, here are a few predictions you’ll want to consider.

More Advanced Mobile Payments -Apple revolutionized the smart phone market when they introduced the iPhone in 2007 and now they’re doing the same thing with mobile payments. ApplePay is a breakthrough for consumer-friendly, and very secure, mobile payments that’s going to have a major ripple effect throughout the year ahead.

Mobile SEO – Even web marketers with advanced mobile sites and strategies still don’t have a good handle on how to tailor their SEO strategies for the mobile space. We expect that to change in 2015 as web publishers of all size realize the power of mobile search and the opportunities it presents for those can grasp its new found power.

New Mobile Markets -One happy side effect of the mobile revolution is that it’s brought the internet to markets where poverty and poor local infrastructure have limited access to the web. This means casino affiliates who really want to focus on international niche markets have a real opportunity to develop new revenue streams in places they never would have considered five years ago.

Pop-Up Apps – Most apps aren’t meant to last forever and some of them aren’t even supposed to last more than a few days. In the months ahead we expect to see a whole lot more event-focused apps with very short life expectancies. These types of pop-up apps are already a staple of the trade show circuit and there’s little doubt they’ll be used everywhere from poker tournaments to school events.

Social Casino Dominance – Has there ever been a better fit than mobile devices and slot play? That connection has turned social casinos into cash cows and that means we’ll be seeing a lot more mobile social casinos in 2015. Given the success market pioneers like DoubleDown have had, we can hardly blame its legion of imitators for trying.

High Quality Mobile Advertising – The lessons learned from desktop web advertising have been learned, and applied, by today’s generation of mobile marketers. Mobile advertising has come of age and everyone with a smart phone should plan on seeing more high-quality; tightly targeted; and very effective mobile ads appearing on their screens.

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